About Us

LR trading is a company which deals with investments, capital and asset management, preparation of companies for IPO and as well develops financial technology directions.

Our mission

Mission of LR trading is to promote development of financial technologies which will bring new level of freedom to world financial markets and will allow people to find out new previously not experienced level of capital storage and complete confidentiality of bargains. LR fund is unique because we are combining global approach with consideration of peculiarities of local markets.

Our strategy

We will purchase the innovations and financial technologies from promising startups from all over the world. Special attention is paid to Asian and developing markets because this is where technology breakthroughs take place. 

Work with successful companies and startups: asset management, support in preparation for ICO, consulting on financial management.

Support of innovations:

Implementing the financial technologies, investments and potentially successful startups, transition from traditional payment means to modern ones. Active work with all popular crypto currencies of the world, application of blockchain technologies.  Effective management by means of maximum application of


our advanced system of personal account management helps to perform all necessary transactions online and this does not require significant human resources, and that`s how we are minimizing

expenses and increasing profit.

Extensive experience of work on financial markets

Our fund was established more than 10 years ago, among our partners – biggest companies all around the world. We are dealing with development and support of only the most promising high-tech projects.


LR trading fund pays special attention to all the latest financial technologies. Our specialists have a good understanding of blockchain technologies and prepare companies for ICO. We work with crypto currencies, such as bitcoin, on equal basis as with main world currencies.

Effective risk management

Advanced technologies of big data analysis allow us to foresee all possible risks, keeping investments of our clients safe. This as well allows us to earn money under conditions of crisis.

Innovations and technologies 

LR trading fund works on all developed markets around the glob in financial technologies. We are providing financial services of new generation and look up to the most advanced intellectual developments.

Capital management

We are using up-to-date financial technologies and considerable experience allows us to manage capital safely.

Crypto currencies

LR trading fund works with bitcoins and other crypto currencies and that is why money of our clients are effectively protected.

Relevance of technologies

Experts of LR trading have vast experiences in evaluation of innovations in financial technologies. Every day we analyze all news of this market and support the most promising startups and directions. Our head office is located in USA – region where innovations are born and developed especially fast. 

Risk management

For deep and quick analysis of possible risks specialists of LR fund have created advanced platform of risk management and analysis of possible losses. Analytical department which is spread out globally and controlling all leading world markets and as well reliable partners never miss an opportunity and provide the most effective forecasts on which fund`s strategy is based on.

Global approach

LR Trading works in 35 countries all over the world, mostly on- developed Asian markets. Distinct feature of the fund is that we are using our global advantage transmitting it into the local level. That`s how we manage to deal with development and implementation in financial technologies and blockchain.


LR trading keeps up with the time and believes in perspective of development of innovation markets all over the world. Every day our experts make efforts to find and support high-tech startups which developments very soon will be able to completely change world financial markets.