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As a registered nurse, you can consider a career as a Legal Nurse Consultant, in which you provide clinical expertise to attorneys. In some cases, you may even be called upon to testify as an expert witness. Regardless of the exact role, a BSN degree from Eagle Gate College is a good start. You can also work independently as a consultant, offering your services from time to time and marketing your services. To find out more about the job requirements, please check out the links below.

The educational requirement for a career as a Legal Nurse Consultant is similar to that of any other profession. In addition to a nursing license, you will also need to pass the ANLN exam. Additionally, you should possess at least 2000 hours of legal nurse consulting experience and a nursing license. Having a graduate degree is also a plus. Lastly, you must have a passion for helping others. If you have a strong desire to help people, you may consider a career as a Legal Nurse Consultant.

As a Legal Nurse Consultant, you may work part-time or full-time. Working part-time allows you to build a reputation and establish a steady schedule before going full-time. Alternatively, you can choose to work independently as an independent legal nurse consultant. Working as an independent contractor will also allow you to set your own hours and make more money than working for one employer. As an independent contractor, you may not be able to charge as much as a single employee.

Those interested in a career as a Legal Nurse Consultant may consider enrolling in a course at Florida Atlantic University. The online course requires a nursing license and three years of clinical nursing experience. As such, only experienced nurses are eligible to enroll. The online program is approved for 33 continuing education credits and will prepare you to take the LNC certification exam. You will also need to obtain a certificate. Once you are certified, you’ll be eligible to work for clients and receive the highest compensation.

Although a degree is not necessary to become a legal nurse consultant, it is beneficial to take an accredited training program. These programs help you understand health care laws better. Many accredited universities and professional organizations, such as the American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants, offer certification programs for registered nurses. As a registered nurse, you must be an active RN in order to qualify as a legal nurse consultant. You can earn a bachelor’s degree or an associate’s degree in nursing, or pursue specialized training programs.

There are a variety of ways to become a Legal Nurse Consultant. Some are in-house while others work independently. Either way, you’ll earn an average of $20 to $60 per hour. This is an excellent salary compared to other independent nursing positions in your area. There are many benefits to this type of job and it’s well worth considering it as an alternative to a traditional nursing career. If you’re interested, consider becoming a Legal Nurse Consultant.

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